ROMA Sleeper Sofa with integrated headboard



Gold feet, Velluto velvet fabric.



EXPRESS 3-seater sofa ROMA convertible express opening will seduce you with its art deco-style golden base.
This ROMA 3-seater convertible sofa has an EXPRESS opening system, NO CUSHION TO REMOVE,
the EXPRESS 55-inch (140 cm) * 78-inch (197 cm) bed can be opened in a few seconds without removing the seat and back cushions.

– 16 cm thick mattress in visco-elastic polyurethane foam 99 lbs (45 KG)/m3 high resilience. Firm comfort and toned support. This mattress consists of a single block of foam with a high resilience density that incorporates visco-elastic micro-bubble technology.

– EXPRESS OPENING SLEEPING2 people 55 inch (140 cm) x 78 inch (197 cm).
– EXPRESS OPENING SYSTEMRENATONISI Express opening system, wide wooden slatted bed base with elastic reinforcement. Galvanized metal structure, opening as quickly as the “express, diva, styling, nova grand confort” systems.
– EXCELLENCE BEDDING MATTRESS INCLUDED. Visco-elastic polyurethane foam 99 lbs (45 Kg)/m3 high resilience 16 cm thick. Firm comfort and toned support.
– SEATSDensity 77 lbs (35 Kg)/m3, high resilience polyurethane foam + acrylic layer. Firm comfort.
– FILES Density 55 lbs (25 Kg)/m3 high resilience polyurethane foam + acrylic layer. (Built-in storage box). Firm comfort.
– ARMRESTSDensity 46lbs (21 Kg)/m3 high resilience polyurethane foam + acrylic layer. (Removable armrests).
– STRUCTURE Mounted on metal slides. Carcass in solid fir + MDF plywood panels, filled with polyurethane foam.
– HEADSETS 2 headrests adjustable on several levels, height from 33 inches (85 cm) to 41 inches (105 cm).
– BASE Gold-finish metal legs.
Length: 77 inches (195 cm).
Depth: 37 inches (95 cm).
Seat height: 21 inches (52 cm).
Seat length: 64 inches (163 cm).
Seat depth: 22 inches (55 cm).
Backrest height: 33 inches (85 cm) to 41 inches (105 cm).
Armrest width: 6 inches (16 cm).
Dimensions of the open bed: 88 inches (224 cm).
Bed height: 22 inches (56 cm).

– EXPRESS opening with open base, airy design.
– Exclusive mattress of 6 inches (16 cm) Excellence bedding with tonic comfort.
– RENATONISI slatted bed base, CATAS certification.
– Removable seat cushions. (Dry cleaning)
– Sofa largely removable, facilitates transport and access to narrow passages.
– Storage for duvet or pillows at the back of the backrest, everything remains inside the sofa.

COATINGS AND COLORS VELLUTO VELVET: Dry washable velvet. 100% polyester surface. Solid and smooth fashionable color, feels good, slightly shiny. Anti-stain treatment, antitranspirant, ultra-resistant to wear and tear.

– Remove the duvet to fold the sofa.
– Opening and closing by central pull (do not handle the mechanism from the right or left sides).
– In order to avoid metallic friction noises, apply when the sofa is put into service, then monthly or quarterly lubricant for metals on the rivets and joints of the mechanics, frequency of application to be adapted according to the rate humidity of the sofa use room.
– Express convertible sofas fitted with suspension mechanisms and metal joints cannot offer sound comfort similar to a fixed bed. Sounds, inherent in this sleeping system, are not covered by the warranty
– How to measure the dimensions of the mattress? : The thickness, length, and width of the mattress are made up of the core but also the ticking and of the braid which is taken into account in its thickness. Thus, the thickness of the finished product is measured with the 0.8 inches (2 cm) to 1.2 inches (3 cm) of stretched braids. For example, a 5.5-inch (14 cm) mattress is composed of
a 5-inch (12 cm) core with a braided ticking covering 1 cm on each surface, this method of measurement will be the same for the length as well as the width of the mattress.
For an accurate measurement, the dimension of the mattress must be taken once it has been unpacked and then put in the open position for at least 24 hours so that the foam can aerate and take its final shape. The folds inherent in the mattress of convertible sofas must be stretched when taking the dimensions, the tools the most reliable measuring instruments being a vernier caliper or a rigid tape measure.
– Differences in length between the mattress and the metal bed frame  (between 2.8 inches (7 cm) and 7.9 inches (20 cm))  are normal and necessary for the correct closing of the system in the “sofa” position- Quality and comfort of the slatted base: The slatted base has a central reinforcement axis covered with felt

Package N°1 (sofa): 69 x 39 x 36 (inch)
Package N°1 (sofa): 175 x 100 x 92 (cm)

Package N°2 (armrests): 16 x 39 x 24 (inch)
Package N°2 (armrests): 40 x 98 x 60 (cm)
Sofa Package: removable backrest (4 screws), allows the height to be reduced by 18 inch (45 cm).

INFO FABRICS, LEATHER, AND POLYURETHANE COATINGS: Puffiness (also called “coating distension”) is a completely normal and visible phenomenon, it is part of the charm of natural wear also known for these types of materials. From the first use of the seats, folds, and undulations will appear on the cushions and the structure of your sofa or armchair.
All fabric, leather, and polyurethane-type coverings are sensitive to this deformation, it is inevitable and inherent in these materials.

MATTRESS INFORMATION: The color and shape of the mattress cover are subject to change without affecting the properties of the mattress. Mattress bagging and wrinkling (also known as “foam material stretching”) is a completely normal and visible phenomenon. From the first use of the folded mattress in the convertible sofa, folds, and undulations will appear. Crease stretches, ripples, and warping inherent in foam mattresses for convertible sofas are not covered by the warranty. It may be necessary to exert pressure when closing the convertible to compress the foams of the mattress which can touch each other depending on the position of the latter.

Maximum user weight: 331 lbs (150 kg).
Dimensions (inch): L77 x H33 x D37
Dimensions (cm): L195 x H85 x D95

Unfolded (inch): W77 x H22 x D88
Unfolded (cm): W195 x H56 x D224


Weight 207 lbs
Dimensions 76.77 × 37.40 × 33.46 in

Dark Green, Grey

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